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IEEE Transaction on Fuzzy System, Volume 26, Issue 2, August 2018

1. Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Pure-Feedback Nonlinear Systems With Nonaffine Functions Being Semibounded and Indifferentiable
Author(s): Z. Liu, X. Dong, W. Xie, Y. Chen and H. Li
Pages: 395-408

2. Uncertain Statistical Inference Models With Imprecise Observations
Author(s): K. Yao
Pages: 409-415

3. Distribution-Based Behavioral Distance for Nondeterministic Fuzzy Transition Systems
Author(s): H. Wu and Y. Deng
Pages: 416-429

4. The Structure and Citation Landscape of IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems (1994–2015)
Author(s): D. Yu, Z. Xu, Y. Kao and C. T. Lin
Pages: 430-442

5. Human Reliability Analysis Based on Human Abilities Theory Model
Author(s): P. A. Baziuk, J. E. N. M. Leod and S. S. Rivera
Pages: 443-453

6. Observer-Based $H_{infty }$ Sampled-Data Fuzzy Control for a Class of Nonlinear Parabolic PDE Systems
Author(s): H. N. Wu and Z. P. Wang
Pages: 454-473

7. Adaptive Compensation for Infinite Number of Time-Varying Actuator Failures in Fuzzy Tracking Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): G. Lai, Z. Liu, C. L. P. Chen, Y. Zhang and X. Chen
Pages: 474-486

8. Internal Fusion Functions
Author(s): D. Paternain, M. J. Campión, R. Mesiar, I. Perfilieva and H. Bustince
Pages: 487-503

9. Fuzzy-Affine-Model-Based Memory Filter Design of Nonlinear Systems With Time-Varying Delay
Author(s): Y. Wei, J. Qiu and H. R. Karimi
Pages: 504-517

10. Linear Model With Exact Inputs and Interval-Valued Fuzzy Outputs
Author(s): M. G. Akbari and G. Hesamian
Pages: 518-530

11. Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Systems and Its Applications
Author(s): H. Li, J. Wang, H. Du and H. R. Karimi
Pages: 531-542

12. New Mechanisms for Reasoning and Impacts Accumulation for Rule-Based Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
Author(s): P. Zdanowicz and D. Petrovic
Pages: 543-555

13. Negations With Respect to Admissible Orders in the Interval-Valued Fuzzy Set Theory
Author(s): M. J. Asiain, H. Bustince, R. Mesiar, A. Kolesárová and Z. Takáč
Pages: 556-568

14. Observer-Based Adaptive Fuzzy Decentralized Optimal Control Design for Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Large-Scale Systems
Author(s): S. Tong, K. Sun and S. Sui
Pages: 569-584

15. Switched Adaptive Fuzzy Tracking Control for a Class of Switched Nonlinear Systems Under Arbitrary Switching
Author(s): D. Zhai, L. An, J. Dong and Q. Zhang
Pages: 585-597

16. A Belief-Theoretical Approach to Example-Based Pose Estimation
Author(s): W. Gong and F. Cuzzolin
Pages: 598-611

17. Fuzzy Double C-Means Clustering Based on Sparse Self-Representation
Author(s): J. Gu, L. Jiao, S. Yang and F. Liu
Pages: 612-626

18. A Measure-Theoretic Foundation for Data Quality
Author(s): A. Bronselaer, R. De Mol and G. De Tré
Pages: 627-639

19. Cascaded Hidden Space Feature Mapping, Fuzzy Clustering, and Nonlinear Switching Regression on Large Datasets
Author(s): J. Wang, H. Liu, X. Qian, Y. Jiang, Z. Deng and S. Wang
Pages: 640-655

20. From Equilibrium-Based Business Intelligence to Information Conservational Quantum-Fuzzy Cryptography—A Cellular Transformation of Bipolar Fuzzy Sets to Quantum Intelligence Machinery
Author(s): W. R. Zhang
Pages: 656-669

21. Multiple Definite Integrals of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Calculus and Isomorphic Mappings
Author(s): Z. Ai and Z. Xu
Pages: 670-680

22. Analysis of Data Generated From Multidimensional Type-1 and Type-2 Fuzzy Membership Functions
Author(s): D. Raj, A. Gupta, B. Garg, K. Tanna and F. C. H. Rhee
Pages: 681-693

23. A Fuzzy Approach for Optimal Robust Control Design of an Automotive Electronic Throttle System
Author(s): H. Sun, H. Zhao, K. Huang, M. Qiu, S. Zhen and Y. H. Chen
Pages: 694-704

24. Characterization of Uninorms With Continuous Underlying T-norm and T-conorm by Their Set of Discontinuity Points
Author(s): A. Mesiarová-Zemánková
Pages: 705-714

25. A Fast and Accurate Rule-Base Generation Method for Mamdani Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): L. C. Duţu, G. Mauris and P. Bolon
Pages: 715-733

26. Feature Selection With Controlled Redundancy in a Fuzzy Rule Based Framework
Author(s): I. F. Chung, Y. C. Chen and N. R. Pal
Pages: 734-748

27. Distributed Saturated Control for a Class of Semilinear PDE Systems: An SOS Approach
Author(s): J. L. Pitarch, M. Rakhshan, M. M. Mardani and M. Shasadeghi
Pages: 749-760

28. Unknown Input Method Based Observer Synthesis for a Discrete Time Uncertain T–S Fuzzy System
Author(s): V. P. Vu, W. J. Wang, J. M. Zurada, H. C. Chen and C. H. Chiu
Pages: 761-770

29. Spatial Filtering for EEG-Based Regression Problems in Brain–Computer Interface (BCI)
Author(s): D. Wu, J. T. King, C. H. Chuang, C. T. Lin and T. P. Jung
Pages: 771-781

30. Sampled-Data Synchronization of Complex Networks With Partial Couplings and T–S Fuzzy Nodes
Author(s): Y. Wu, R. Lu, P. Shi, H. Su and Z. G. Wu
Pages: 782-793

31. Fuzzy Bag-of-Words Model for Document Representation
Author(s): R. Zhao and K. Mao
Pages: 794-804

32. Diagnostic Observer Design for T–S Fuzzy Systems: Application to Real-Time-Weighted Fault-Detection Approach
Author(s): L. Li, M. Chadli, S. X. Ding, J. Qiu and Y. Yang
Pages: 805-816

33. A Feature-Reduction Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Based on Feature-Weighted Entropy
Author(s): M. S. Yang and Y. Nataliani
Pages: 817-835

34. Adaptive Fuzzy Decentralized Control for a Class of Strong Interconnected Nonlinear Systems With Unmodeled Dynamics
Author(s): H. Wang, W. Liu, J. Qiu and P. X. Liu
Pages: 836-846

35. Granular Fuzzy Regression Domain Adaptation in Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Models
Author(s): H. Zuo, G. Zhang, W. Pedrycz, V. Behbood and J. Lu
Pages: 847-858

36. Specificity Measures and Referential Success
Author(s): N. Marín, G. Rivas-Gervilla, D. Sánchez and R. R. Yager
Pages: 859-868

37. Tracking-Error-Based Universal Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Output Tracking of Nonlinear Systems with Completely Unknown Dynamics
Author(s): N. Wang, J. C. Sun and M. J. Er
Pages: 869-883

38. Consensus Building for the Heterogeneous Large-Scale GDM With the Individual Concerns and Satisfactions
Author(s): H. Zhang, Y. Dong and E. Herrera-Viedma
Pages: 884-898

39. Path Tracking of an Autonomous Ground Vehicle With Different Payloads by Hierarchical Improved Fuzzy Dynamic Sliding-Mode Control
Author(s): C. L. Hwang, C. C. Yang and J. Y. Hung
Pages: 899-914

40. Multiobjective Programming for Type-2 Hierarchical Fuzzy Inference Trees
Author(s): V. K. Ojha, V. Snášel and A. Abraham
Pages: 915-936

41. Neighbor Inconsistent Pair Selection for Attribute Reduction by Rough Set Approach
Author(s): J. Dai, Q. Hu, H. Hu and D. Huang
Pages: 937-950

42. State Feedback Control for Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Systems With Time-Varying Delay and Unreliable Communication Links
Author(s): T. Zhao and S. Dian
Pages: 951-966

43. Modeling Self-Adaptive Software Systems by Fuzzy Rules and Petri Nets
Author(s): Z. Ding, Y. Zhou and M. Zhou
Pages: 967-984

44. Recurrent Mechanism and Impulse Noise Filter for Establishing ANFIS
Author(s): S. D. Nguyen, S. B. Choi and T. I. Seo
Pages: 985-997

45. A Three-Phase Method for Group Decision Making With Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Preference Relations
Author(s): S. Wan, F. Wang and J. Dong
Pages: 998-1010

46. Filtering for Fuzzy Systems With Multiplicative Sensor Noises and Multidensity Quantizer
Author(s): Y. Xu, R. Lu, H. Peng and S. Xie
Pages: 1011-1022

47. Multi-Criteria Decision Making with Interval Criteria Satisfactions Using the Golden Rule Representative Value
Author(s): R. R. Yager
Pages: 1023-1031

48. Inherent Fuzzy Entropy for the Improvement of EEG Complexity Evaluation
Author(s): Z. Cao and C. T. Lin
Pages: 1032-1035

49. On Nie-Tan Operator and Type-Reduction of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): J. Li, R. John, S. Coupland and G. Kendall
Pages: 1036-1039

50. Further Results on Stabilization of Chaotic Systems Based on Fuzzy Memory Sampled-Data Control
Author(s): Y. Liu, J. H. Park, B. Z. Guo and Y. Shu
Pages: 1040-1045

51. Fault-Tolerant Controller Design for General Polynomial-Fuzzy-Model-Based Systems
Author(s): D. Ye, N. N. Diao and X. G. Zhao
Pages: 1046-1051

52. Adaptive Output Fuzzy Fault Accommodation for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems With Multiple Time Delays
Author(s): L. B. Wu and G. H. Yang
Pages: 1052-1057

53. Gradual Complex Numbers and Their Application for Performance Evaluation Classifiers
Author(s): E. L. Souza, R. H. N. Santiago, A. M. P. Canuto and R. O. Nunes
Pages: 1058-1065

54. Fuzzy Tracking Control for Switched Uncertain Nonlinear Systems With Unstable Inverse Dynamics
Author(s): G. Shao, X. Zhao, R. Wang and B. Yang
Pages: 1066-1072

 55. Ultra-Efficient Fuzzy Min/Max Circuits Based on Carbon Nanotube FETs
Author(s): A. Bozorgmehr, M. H. Moaiyeri, K. Navi and N. Bagherzadeh
Pages: 1073-1078

56. A Direct Approach for Determining the Switch Points in the Karnik–Mendel Algorithm
Author(s): C. Chen, R. John, J. Twycross and J. M. Garibaldi
Pages: 1079-1085

57. Comments on “Fuzzy-Model-Based Quantized Guaranteed Cost Control of Nonlinear Networked Systems
Author(s): T. A. Weidman
Pages: 1086-1088

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Soft Computing, Volume 22, Issue 9, May 2018

1. Automatic clustering based on density peak detection using generalized extreme value distribution
Author(s): Jiajun Ding, Xiongxiong He, Junqing Yuan, Bo Jiang
Pages: 2777-2796

2. The logic of distributive nearlattices
Author(s): Luciano J. González
Pages: 2797-2807

3. Hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy entropy/cross-entropy and their applications
Author(s): Dengbao Yao, Cuicui Wang
Pages: 2809-2824

4. EQ-algebras with internal states
Author(s): Wei Wang, Xiao Long Xin, Jun Tao Wang
Pages: 2825-2841

5. Nonlinear integrals and Hadamard-type inequalities
Author(s): Sadegh Abbaszadeh, Ali Ebadian
Pages: 2843-2849

6. Adaptive large neighborhood search heuristic for pollution-routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery
Author(s): Setareh Majidi, Seyyed-Mahdi Hosseini-Motlagh, Joshua Ignatius
Pages: 2851-2865

7. Doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) wind turbine controlled by artificial organic networks
Author(s): Pedro Ponce, Hiram Ponce, Arturo Molina
Pages: 2867-2879

8. An estimation of algebraic solution for a complex interval linear system
Author(s): Mojtaba Ghanbari
Pages: 2881-2890

9. Simultaneous selection of material and supplier under uncertainty in carton box industries: a fuzzy possibilistic multi-criteria approach
Author(s): Sam Mosallaeipour, Ali Mahmoodirad, Sadegh Niroomand, Bela Vizvari
Pages: 2891-2905

10. Discovering taxonomies in Wikipedia by means of grammatical evolution
Author(s): Lourdes Araujo, Juan Martinez-Romo, Andrés Duque
Pages: 2907-2919

11. Optimal solution to orbital three-player defense problems using impulsive transfer
Author(s): Yifang Liu, Renfu Li, Lin Hu, Zhao-quan Cai
Pages: 2921-2934

12. A self-adaptive artificial bee colony algorithm based on global best for global optimization
Author(s): Yu Xue, Jiongming Jiang, Binping Zhao, Tinghuai Ma
Pages: 2935-2952

13. Design of digital IIR filter with low quantization error using hybrid optimization technique
Author(s): N. Agrawal, A. Kumar, Varun Bajaj
Pages: 2953-2971

14. Facial emotion recognition with transition detection for students with high-functioning autism in adaptive e-learning
Author(s): Hui-Chuan Chu, William Wei-Jen Tsai, Min-Ju Liao, Yuh-Min Chen
Pages: 2973-2999

15. Characterizations of ordered semihypergroups by the properties of their intersectional-soft generalized bi-hyperideals
Author(s): Muhammad Farooq, Asghar Khan, Bijan Davvaz
Pages: 3001-3010

16. Byzantine-resilient dual gossip membership management in clouds
Author(s): JongBeom Lim, Kwang-Sik Chung, HwaMin Lee, Kangbin Yim, Heonchang Yu
Pages: 3011-3022

17. Modeling of Curie temperature of manganite for magnetic refrigeration application using manual search and hybrid gravitational-based support vector regression
Author(s): Taoreed O. Owolabi, Kabiru O. Akande, Sunday O. Olatunji
Pages: 3023-3032

18. Engineering simulated evolution for integrated power optimization in data centers
Author(s): Sadiq M. Sait, Ali Raza
Pages: 3033-3048

19. A novel method for Bayesian networks structure learning based on Breeding Swarm algorithm
Author(s): Ali Reza Khanteymoori, Mohammad-H. Olyaee, Omid Abbaszadeh, Maryam Valian
Pages: 3049-3060

20. Implementation of scalable fuzzy relational operations in MapReduce
Author(s): Elham S. Khorasani, Matthew Cremeens, Zhenge Zhao
Pages: 3061-3075

21. A new attitude coupled with fuzzy thinking for solving fuzzy equations
Author(s): T. Allahviranloo, I. Perfilieva, F. Abbasi
Pages: 3077-3095

22. Return scaling cross-correlation forecasting by stochastic time strength neural network in financial market dynamics
Author(s): Haiyan Mo, Jun Wang
Pages: 3097-3109

23. Improving file locality in multi-keyword top-k search based on clustering
Author(s): Lanxiang Chen, Nan Zhang, Kuan-Ching Li, Shuibing He, Linbing Qiu
Pages: 3111-3121

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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 29, Issue 4, April 2018

1. Multicolumn RBF Network
Author(s): Ammar O. Hoori; Yuichi Motai
Pages: 766 - 778

2. A Regularized SNPOM for Stable Parameter Estimation of RBF-AR(X) Model
Author(s): Xiaoyong Zeng; Hui Peng; Feng Zhou
Pages: 779 - 791

3. A Fast Algorithm of Convex Hull Vertices Selection for Online Classification
Author(s): Shuguang Ding; Xiangli Nie; Hong Qiao; Bo Zhang
Pages: 792 - 806

4. Adaptive Antisynchronization of Multilayer Reaction–Diffusion Neural Networks
Author(s): Yanzhi Wu; Lu Liu; Jiangping Hu; Gang Feng
Pages: 807 - 818

5. Synchronization for the Realization-Dependent Probabilistic Boolean Networks
Author(s): Hongwei Chen; Jinling Liang; Jianquan Lu; Jianlong Qiu
Pages: 819 - 831

6. Adaptive Tracking Control for Robots With an Interneural Computing Scheme
Author(s): Feng-Sheng Tsai; Sheng-Yi Hsu; Mau-Hsiang Shih
Pages: 832 - 844

7. Robust Estimation for Neural Networks With Randomly Occurring Distributed Delays and Markovian Jump Coupling
Author(s): Yong Xu; Renquan Lu; Peng Shi; Jie Tao; Shengli Xie
Pages: 845 - 855

8. Finite-Time Stabilization of Delayed Memristive Neural Networks: Discontinuous State-Feedback and Adaptive Control Approach
Author(s): Zuowei Cai; Lihong Huang
Pages: 856 - 868

9. Identifying a Probabilistic Boolean Threshold Network From Samples
Author(s): Avraham A. Melkman; Xiaoqing Cheng; Wai-Ki Ching; Tatsuya Akutsu
Pages: 869 - 881

10. Online Nonlinear AUC Maximization for Imbalanced Data Sets
Author(s): Junjie Hu; Haiqin Yang; Michael R. Lyu; Irwin King; Anthony Man-Cho So
Pages: 882 - 895

11. Feature Combination via Clustering
Author(s): Jian Hou; Huijun Gao; Xuelong Li
Pages: 896 - 907

12. Impulsive Effects on Quasi-Synchronization of Neural Networks With Parameter Mismatches and Time-Varying Delay
Author(s): Ze Tang; Ju H. Park; Jianwen Feng
Pages: 908 - 919

13. Multivariate Time-Series Classification Using the Hidden-Unit Logistic Model
Author(s): Wenjie Pei; Hamdi Dibeklioğlu; David M. J. Tax; Laurens van der Maaten
Pages: 920 - 931

14. Manifold Regularized Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Hongliang Li; Derong Liu; Ding Wang
Pages: 932 - 943

15. Adaptive Unsupervised Feature Selection With Structure Regularization
Author(s): Minnan Luo; Feiping Nie; Xiaojun Chang; Yi Yang; Alexander G. Hauptmann; Qinghua Zheng
Pages: 944 - 956

16. Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Discrete-Time Zero-Sum Games
Author(s): Qinglai Wei; Derong Liu; Qiao Lin; Ruizhuo Song
Pages: 957 - 969

17. Quantization-Based Adaptive Actor-Critic Tracking Control With Tracking Error Constraints
Author(s): Quan-Yong Fan; Guang-Hong Yang; Dan Ye
Pages: 970 - 980

18. A Collaborative Neurodynamic Approach to Multiple-Objective Distributed Optimization
Author(s): Shaofu Yang; Qingshan Liu; Jun Wang
Pages: 981 - 992

19. On Mixed Data and Event Driven Design for Adaptive-Critic-Based Nonlinear H_infty Control
Author(s): Ding Wang; Chaoxu Mu; Derong Liu; Hongwen Ma
Pages: 993 - 1005

20. Regularized Label Relaxation Linear Regression
Author(s): Xiaozhao Fang; Yong Xu; Xuelong Li; Zhihui Lai; Wai Keung Wong; Bingwu Fang
Pages: 1006 - 1018

21. Collaborative Random Faces-Guided Encoders for Pose-Invariant Face Representation Learning
Author(s): Ming Shao; Yizhe Zhang; Yun Fu
Pages: 1019 - 1032

22. Model-Based Adaptive Event-Triggered Control of Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Yuan-Xin Li; Guang-Hong Yang
Pages: 1033 - 1045

23. Finite-Time State Estimation for Recurrent Delayed Neural Networks With Component-Based Event-Triggering Protocol
Author(s): Licheng Wang; Zidong Wang; Guoliang Wei; Fuad E. Alsaadi
Pages: 1046 - 1057

24. Quantum-Inspired Multidirectional Associative Memory With a Self-Convergent Iterative Learning
Author(s): Naoki Masuyama; Chu Kiong Loo; Manjeevan Seera; Naoyuki Kubota
Pages: 1058 - 1068

25. Safe Exploration Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning Controllers
Author(s): Tommaso Mannucci; Erik-Jan van Kampen; Cornelis de Visser; Qiping Chu
Pages: 1069 - 1081

26. Robustness Analysis on Dual Neural Network-based k WTA With Input Noise
Author(s): Ruibin Feng; Chi-Sing Leung; John Sum
Pages: 1082 - 1094

27. Differentiation-Free Multiswitching Neuroadaptive Control of Strict-Feedback Systems
Author(s): Jeng-Tze Huang; Thanh-Phong Pham
Pages: 1095 - 1107

28. Pattern-Based NN Control of a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Feifei Yang; Cong Wang
Pages: 1108 - 1119

29. Fast-Solving Quasi-Optimal LS-S3VM Based on an Extended Candidate Set
Author(s): Yuefeng Ma; Xun Liang; James T. Kwok; Jianping Li; Xiaoping Zhou; Haiyan Zhang
Pages: 1120 - 1131

30. Homotopy Methods Based on L0-Norm for Compressed Sensing
Author(s): Zhengshan Dong; Wenxing Zhu
Pages: 1132 - 1146

31. Adaptive Neural Output Feedback Control for Nonstrict-Feedback Stochastic Nonlinear Systems With Unknown Backlash-Like Hysteresis and Unknown Control Directions
Author(s): Zhaoxu Yu; Shugang Li; Zhaosheng Yu; Fangfei Li
Pages: 1147 - 1160

32. Probabilistic Distance for Mixtures of Independent Component Analyzers
Author(s): Gonzalo Safont; Addisson Salazar; Luis Vergara; Enriqueta Gómez; Vicente Villanueva
Pages: 1161 - 1173

33. Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Network Control for a Constrained Robot Using Impedance Learning
Author(s): Wei He; Yiting Dong
Pages: 1174 - 1186

34. Simultaneous Bayesian Clustering and Feature Selection Through Student’s t Mixtures Model
Author(s): Jianyong Sun; Aimin Zhou; Simeon Keates; Shengbin Liao
Pages: 1187 - 1199

35. Finite-Horizon H_infty Tracking Control for Unknown Nonlinear Systems With Saturating Actuators
Author(s): Huaguang Zhang; Xiaohong Cui; Yanhong Luo; He Jiang
Pages: 1200 - 1212

36. Boundary Control of Linear Uncertain 1-D Parabolic PDE Using Approximate Dynamic Programming
Author(s): Behzad Talaei; Sarangapani Jagannathan; John Singler
Pages: 1213 - 1225

37. Discrete-Time Stable Generalized Self-Learning Optimal Control With Approximation Errors
Author(s): Qinglai Wei; Benkai Li; Ruizhuo Song
Pages: 1226 - 1238

38. Neural-Network-Based Robust Optimal Tracking Control for MIMO Discrete-Time Systems With Unknown Uncertainty Using Adaptive Critic Design
Author(s): Lei Liu; Zhanshan Wang; Huaguang Zhang
Pages: 1239 - 1251

39. Partition-Based Solutions of Static Logical Networks With Applications
Author(s): Yupeng Qiao; Hongsheng Qi; Daizhan Cheng
Pages: 1252 - 1262

40. Output Feedback-Based Boundary Control of Uncertain Coupled Semilinear Parabolic PDE Using Neurodynamic Programming
Author(s): Behzad Talaei; Sarangapani Jagannathan; John Singler
Pages: 1263 - 1274

41. Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of Dynamic Systems Using Double Loop Recurrent Neural Network Structure
Author(s): Juntao Fei; Cheng Lu
Pages: 1275 - 1286

42. SPANNER: A Self-Repairing Spiking Neural Network Hardware Architecture
Author(s): Junxiu Liu; Jim Harkin; Liam P. Maguire; Liam J. McDaid; John J. Wade
Pages: 1287 - 1300

43. Learning a No-Reference Quality Assessment Model of Enhanced Images With Big Data
Author(s): Ke Gu; Dacheng Tao; Jun-Fei Qiao; Weisi Lin
Pages: 1301 - 1313

44. Person Reidentification Based on Elastic Projections
Author(s): Xuelong Li; Lina Liu; Xiaoqiang Lu
Pages: 1314 - 1327

45. k-Times Markov Sampling for SVMC
Author(s): Bin Zou; Chen Xu; Yang Lu; Yuan Yan Tang; Jie Xu; Xinge You
Pages: 1328 - 1341

46. Neural Network Learning and Robust Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems With Dynamic Uncertainties
Author(s): Ding Wang; Derong Liu; Chaoxu Mu; Yun Zhang
Pages: 1342 - 1351

47. Groupwise Retargeted Least-Squares Regression
Author(s): Lingfeng Wang; Chunhong Pan
Pages: 1352 - 1358

48. Consensus of Hybrid Multi-Agent Systems
Author(s): Yuanshi Zheng; Jingying Ma; Long Wang
Pages: 1359 - 1365

49. Decomposition of Rotor Hopfield Neural Networks Using Complex Numbers
Author(s): Masaki Kobayashi
Pages: 1366 - 1370

50. A Stochastic Spiking Neural Network for Virtual Screening
Author(s): A. Morro; V. Canals; A. Oliver; M. L. Alomar; F. Galán-Prado; P. J. Ballester; J. L. Rosselló
Pages: 1371 - 1375

51. State Estimation for Static Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays Based on an Improved Reciprocally Convex Inequality
Author(s): Xian-Ming Zhang; Qing-Long Han
Pages: 1376 - 1381

52. Improving KPCA Online Extraction by Orthonormalization in the Feature Space
Author(s): João B. O. Souza Filho; Paulo S. R. Diniz
Pages: 1382 - 1387

53. Observability of Automata Networks: Fixed and Switching Cases
Author(s): Rui Li; Yiguang Hong; Xingyuan Wang
Pages: 1388 - 1394

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Soft Computing, Volume 22, Issue 8, April 2018

1. An orthogonal parallel symbiotic organism search algorithm embodied with augmented Lagrange multiplier for solving constrained optimization problems
Author(s): Arnapurna Panda, Sabyasachi Pani
Pages: 2429-2447

2. A hybrid recommender system for e-learning based on context awareness and sequential pattern mining
Author(s): John K. Tarus, Zhendong Niu, Dorothy Kalui
Pages: 2449-2461

3. Multiple attribute similarity hypermatching
Author(s): Ronald Yager, Fred Petry, Paul Elmore
Pages: 2463-2469

4. On central limit theorems for IV-events
Author(s): Piotr Nowak, Olgierd Hryniewicz
Pages: 2471-2483

5. Sum of observables on MV-effect algebras
Author(s): Anatolij Dvurečenskij
Pages: 2485-2493

6. A novel three-party password-based authenticated key exchange protocol with user anonymity based on chaotic maps
Author(s): Chun-Ta Li, Chin-Ling Chen, Cheng-Chi Lee, Chi-Yao Weng, Chien-Ming Chen
Pages: 2495-2506

7. SAR image edge detection via sparse representation
Author(s): Xiaole Ma, Shuaiqi Liu, Shaohai Hu, Peng Geng, Ming Liu, Jie Zhao
Pages: 2507-2515

8. A privacy-preserving fuzzy interest matching protocol for friends finding in social networks
Author(s): Xu An Wang, Fatos Xhafa, Xiaoshuang Luo, Shuaiwei Zhang, Yong Ding
Pages: 2517-2526

9. The example application of genetic algorithm for the framework of cultural and creative brand design in Tamsui Historical Museum
Author(s): Shang-Chia Chiou, Yun-Ciao Wang
Pages: 2527-2545

10. A GA-based simulation system for WMNs: comparison analysis for different number of flows, client distributions, DCF and EDCA functions
Author(s): Admir Barolli, Tetsuya Oda, Keita Matsuo, Miralda Cuka, Leonard Barolli…
Pages: 2547-2555

11. On possibility-degree formulae for ranking interval numbers
Author(s): Fang Liu, Li-Hua Pan, Zu-Lin Liu, Ya-Nan Peng
Pages: 2557-2565

12. Multidimensional knapsack problem optimization using a binary particle swarm model with genetic operations
Author(s): Luis Fernando Mingo López, Nuria Gómez Blas, Alberto Arteta Albert
Pages: 2567-2582

13. A novel subgraph K+-isomorphism method in social network based on graph similarity detection
Author(s): Huan Rong, Tinghuai Ma, Meili Tang, Jie Cao
Pages: 2583-2601

14. A sophisticated PSO based on multi-level adaptation and purposeful detection
Author(s): Xuewen Xia, Bojian Wang, Chengwang Xie, Zhongbo Hu, Bo Wei, Chang Jin
Pages: 2603-2618

15. Sensor fusion of camera, GPS and IMU using fuzzy adaptive multiple motion models
Author(s): Erkan Bostanci, Betul Bostanci, Nadia Kanwal, Adrian F. Clark
Pages: 2619-2632

16. A new hybrid intuitionistic approach for new product selection
Author(s): Kumru Didem Atalay, Gülin Feryal Can
Pages: 2633-2640

17. Particle state change algorithm
Author(s): Xiang Feng, Hanyu Xu, Huiqun Yu, Fei Luo
Pages: 2641-2666

18. Optimization of neural network for nonlinear discrete time system using modified quaternion firefly algorithm: case study of Indian currency exchange rate prediction
Author(s): Uday Pratap Singh, Sanjeev Jain
Pages: 2667-2681

19. B-spline collocation and self-adapting differential evolution (jDE) algorithm for a singularly perturbed convection–diffusion problem
Author(s): Xu-Qiong Luo, Li-Bin Liu, Aijia Ouyang, Guangqing Long
Pages: 2683-2693

20. Detecting and quantifying ambiguity: a neural network approach
Author(s): Rui Ligeiro, R. Vilela Mendes
Pages: 2695-2703

21. Decentralized adaptive optimal stabilization of nonlinear systems with matched interconnections
Author(s): Chaoxu Mu, Changyin Sun, Ding Wang, Aiguo Song, Chengshan Qian
Pages: 2705-2715

22. Multi-functional nearest-neighbour classification
Author(s): Yanpeng Qu, Changjing Shang, Neil Mac Parthaláin, Wei Wu, Qiang Shen
Pages: 2717-2730

23. Adaptive contents for interactive TV guided by machine learning based on predictive sentiment analysis of data
Author(s): Victor M. Mondragon, Vicente García-Díaz, Carlos Porcel…
Pages: 2731-2752

24. Improved fuzzy C-means clustering in the process of exudates detection using mathematical morphology
Author(s): Kittipol Wisaeng, Worawat Sa-ngiamvibool
Pages: 2753-2764

25. The rainbow spanning forest problem
Author(s): Francesco Carrabs, Carmine Cerrone, Raffaele Cerulli, Selene Silvestri
Pages: 2765-2776

Friday, March 23, 2018

Neural Networks, Volume 100, Pages 1-94, April 2018

1. Coupled generative adversarial stacked Auto-encoder: CoGASA
Author(s): Mohammad Ahangar Kiasari, Dennis Singh Moirangthem, Minho Lee
Pages: 1-9
2. -synchronization and Mittag-Leffler synchronization for the fractional-order memristive neural networks with delays and discontinuous neuron activations
Author(s): Jiejie Chen, Boshan Chen, Zhigang Zeng
Pages: 10-24
3. Merging weighted SVMs for parallel incremental learning
Author(s): Lei Zhu, Kazushi Ikeda, Shaoning Pang, Tao Ban, Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh
Pages: 25-38

4. Accelerated low-rank representation for subspace clustering and semi-supervised classification on large-scale data
Author(s): Jicong Fan, Zhaoyang Tian, Mingbo Zhao, Tommy W.S. Chow
Pages: 39-48

5. GXNOR-Net: Training deep neural networks with ternary weights and activations without full-precision memory under a unified discretization framework
Author(s): Lei Deng, Peng Jiao, Jing Pei, Zhenzhi Wu, Guoqi Li
Pages: 49-58

6. Distant supervision for neural relation extraction integrated with word attention and property features
Author(s): Jianfeng Qu, Dantong Ouyang, Wen Hua, Yuxin Ye, Ximing Li
Pages: 59-69

7. Extracting cardiac dynamics within ECG signal for human identification and cardiovascular diseases classification
Author(s): Muqing Deng, Cong Wang, Min Tang, Tongjia Zheng
Pages: 70-83

8. Max-plus and min-plus projection autoassociative morphological memories and their compositions for pattern classification
Author(s): Alex Santana dos Santos, Marcos Eduardo Valle
Pages: 84-94

Soft Computing, Volume 22, Issue 5, March 2018

Special issue on Real Time Image Processing Systems using Fuzzy and Rough Sets Techniques

1. Real-time image processing systems using fuzzy and rough sets techniques
Author(s): Gwanggil Jeon, Marco Anisetti, Ernesto Damiani, Olivier Monga
Pages: 1381-1384

2. Multiple dictionary pairs learning and sparse representation-based infrared image super-resolution with improved fuzzy clustering
Author(s): Xiaomin Yang, Wei Wu, Kai Liu, Weilong Chen, Zhili Zhou
Pages: 1385-1398

3. Retinex-based image enhancement framework by using region covariance filter
Author(s): Fuyu Tao, Xiaomin Yang, Wei Wu, Kai Liu, Zhili Zhou, Yiguang Liu
Pages: 1399-1420

4. Early ramp warning using vehicle behavior analysis
Author(s): Hua Cui, Zefa Wei, Xuan Wang, Xinxin Song, Pannong Li, Huansheng Song
Pages: 1421-1432

5. Vehicle trajectory clustering based on 3D information via a coarse-to-fine strategy
Author(s): Huansheng Song, Xuan Wang, Cui Hua, Weixing Wang, Qi Guan, Zhaoyang Zhang
Pages: 1433-1444

6. Adaptive switching filter for impulse noise removal in digital content
Author(s): Jee Yon Lee, Sun Young Jung, Pyoung Won Kim
Pages: 1445-1455

7. Sensor-based risk perception ability network design for drivers in snow and ice environmental freeway: a deep learning and rough sets approach
Author(s): Wei Zhao, Liangjie Xu, Jing Bai, Menglu Ji, Troy Runge
Pages: 1457-1466

8. Medical image denoising based on sparse dictionary learning and cluster ensemble
Author(s): Jing Bai, Shu Song, Ting Fan, Licheng Jiao
Pages: 1467-1473

9. Segmentation and classification of hyperspectral images using CHV pattern extraction grid
Author(s): Gokulakrishnan Gopalan, Tholkappia Arasu Govindarajan
Pages: 1475-1490

10. Chameleon-like weather presenter costume composite format based on color fuzzy model
Author(s): Pyoung Won Kim
Pages: 1491-1500

11. Automatic vessel segmentation on fundus images using vessel filtering and fuzzy entropy
Author(s): Huiqian Wang, Yuhao Jiang, Xiaoming Jiang, Jun Wu, Xiaomin Yang
Pages: 1501-1509

12. A memetic algorithm based on MOEA/D for the examination timetabling problem
Author(s): Yu Lei, Jiao Shi, Zhen Yan
Pages: 1511-1523

13. On GPU–CUDA as preprocessing of fuzzy-rough data reduction by means of singular value decomposition
Author(s): Salvatore Cuomo, Ardelio Galletti, Livia Marcellino, Guglielmo Navarra
Pages: 1525-1532

14. Real-time video processing for traffic control in smart city using Hadoop ecosystem with GPUs
Author(s): M. Mazhar Rathore, Hojae Son, Awais Ahmad, Anand Paul
Pages: 1533-1544

15. Real-time implementation of a robust active control algorithm for narrowband signals suppression
Author(s): Jeakwan Kim, Minho Lee, Young-Sup Lee
Pages: 1545-1554

16. An adaptive hybrid fuzzy-wavelet approach for image steganography using bit reduction and pixel adjustment
Author(s): Imran Shafi, Muhammad Noman, Moneeb Gohar, Awais Ahmad, Murad Khan
Pages: 1555-1567

17. Outgoing call recommendation using neural network
Author(s): Seokhoon Kang
Pages: 1569-1576

18. Melanocytic and nevus lesion detection from diseased dermoscopic images using fuzzy and wavelet techniques
Author(s): Uzma Jamil, Shehzad Khalid, M. Usman Akram, Awais Ahmad, Sohail Jabbar
Pages: 1577-1593

19. Wavelet-content-adaptive BP neural network-based deinterlacing algorithm
Author(s): Jin Wang, Jechang Jeong
Pages: 1595-1601

20. Stratified modeling in soft fuzzy topological structures
Author(s): S. E. Abbas, E. El-sanowsy, A. Atef
Pages: 1603-1613

21. On the power sequence of a fuzzy interval matrix with max-min operation
Author(s): Yan-Kuen Wu, Chia-Cheng Liu, Yung-Yih Lur
Pages: 1615-1622

22. A novel anomaly detection algorithm for sensor data under uncertainty
Author(s): Raihan Ul Islam, Mohammad Shahadat Hossain, Karl Andersson
Pages: 1623-1639

23. Fuzzy multi-criteria decision making on combining fuzzy analytic hierarchy process with representative utility functions under fuzzy environment
Author(s): Yu-Jie Wang
Pages: 1641-1650

24. BERA: a biogeography-based energy saving routing architecture for wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Praveen Lalwani, Haider Banka, Chiranjeev Kumar
Pages: 1651-1667y

25. A parallel cooperative hybrid method based on ant colony optimization and 3-Opt algorithm for solving traveling salesman problem
Author(s): Şaban Gülcü, Mostafa Mahi, Ömer Kaan Baykan, Halife Kodaz
Pages: 1669-1685

26. A novel versatile architecture for autonomous underwater vehicle’s motion planning and task assignment
Author(s): Somaiyeh Mahmoud Zadeh, David M. W. Powers, Karl Sammut
Pages: 1687-1710

27. Forests of unstable hierarchical clusters for pattern classification
Author(s): Kyaw Kyaw Htike
Pages: 1711-1718

28. Fuzzy extensions of the DBScan clustering algorithm
Author(s): Dino Ienco, Gloria Bordogna
Pages: 1719-1730

Soft Computing, Volume 22, Issue 4, February 2018

Special issue on Quantitative Models and Weighted Automata

1. Preface: Dedicated to the memory of Zoltán Ésik (1951–2016)
Author(s): Manfred Droste, Kim G. Larsen
Pages: 1033

2. Characterizations of recognizable weighted tree languages by logic and bimorphisms
Author(s): Zoltán Fülöp, Heiko Vogler
Pages: 1035-1046

3. A unifying survey on weighted logics and weighted automata
Author(s): Paul Gastin, Benjamin Monmege
Pages: 1047-1065

4. Weighted restarting automata
Author(s): Friedrich Otto, Qichao Wang
Pages: 1067-1083

5. On decidability of recursive weighted logics
Author(s): Kim G. Larsen, Radu Mardare, Bingtian Xue
Pages: 1085-1102

6. A generalized partition refinement algorithm, instantiated to language equivalence checking for weighted automata
Author(s): Barbara König, Sebastian Küpper
Pages: 1103-1120

7. Weighted finite automata with output
Author(s): Jelena Ignjatović, Miroslav Ćirić, Zorana Jančić
Pages: 1121-1138

8. Compositionality for quantitative specifications
Author(s): Uli Fahrenberg, Jan Křetínský, Axel Legay, Louis-Marie Traonouez
Pages: 1139-1158

9. Objective reduction for many-objective optimization problems using objective subspace extraction
Author(s): Naili Luo, Xia Li, Qiuzhen Lin
Pages: 1159-1173

10. Efficient and secure outsourced approximate pattern matching protocol
Author(s): Xiaochao Wei, Minghao Zhao, Qiuliang Xu
Pages: 1175-1187

11. Commutative deductive systems of pseudo-BCK-algebras
Author(s): Lavinia Corina Ciungu
Pages: 1189-1201

12. Reduced axioms for the propositional logics induced by basic algebras
Author(s): Ivan Chajda, Miroslav Kolařík
Pages: 1203-1207

13. The importance of implementation details and parameter settings in black-box optimization: a case study on Gaussian estimation-of-distribution algorithms and circles-in-a-square packing problems
Author(s): Peter A. N. Bosman, Marcus Gallagher
Pages: 1209-1223

14. Nearest neighbor search with locally weighted linear regression for heartbeat classification
Author(s): Juyoung Park, Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan, Mingon Kang, Junggab Son
Pages: 1225-1236

15. New distance measures on hesitant fuzzy sets based on the cardinality theory and their application in pattern recognition
Author(s): Fangwei Zhang, Shuyan Chen, Jianbo Li, Weiwei Huang
Pages: 1237-1245

16. Research on the measurement and evaluation of trusted cloud service
Author(s): Zifei Ma, Rong Jiang, Ming Yang, Tong Li, Qiujin Zhang
Pages: 1247-1262

17. Self-adaptive differential evolution algorithm with hybrid mutation operator for parameters identification of PMSM
Author(s): Chuan Wang, Yancheng Liu, Xiaoling Liang, Haohao Guo, Yang Chen
Pages: 1263-1285

18. Heterogeneous investment in spatial public goods game with mixed strategy
Author(s): Hong Ding, Yao Zhang, Yizhi Ren, Benyun Shi, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
Pages: 1287-1294

19. A novel technical analysis-based method for stock market forecasting
Author(s): Yuh-Jen Chen, Yuh-Min Chen, Shiang-Ting Tsao, Shu-Fan Hsieh
Pages: 1295-1312

20. APDDE: self-adaptive parameter dynamics differential evolution algorithm
Author(s): Hong-bo Wang, Xue-na Ren, Guo-qing Li, Xu-yan Tu
Pages: 1313-1333

21. Adaptive harmony search with best-based search strategy
Author(s): Zhaolu Guo, Huogen Yang, Shenwen Wang, Caiying Zhou, Xiaosheng Liu
Pages: 1335-1349

22. Face image retrieval: super-resolution based on sketch-photo transformation
Author(s): Shu Zhan, Jingjing Zhao, Yucheng Tang, Zhenzhu Xie
Pages: 1351-1360

23. Study on centroid type-reduction of general type-2 fuzzy logic systems with weighted enhanced Karnik–Mendel algorithms
Author(s): Yang Chen, Dazhi Wang
Pages: 1361-1380

Neural Networks, Volume 101, May 2018

1. Neural network for nonsmooth pseudoconvex optimization with general convex constraints
Author(s): Wei Bian, Litao Ma, Sitian Qin, Xiaoping Xue
Pages: 1-14

2. Neural electrical activity and neural network growth
Author(s): F.M. Gafarov
Pages: 15-24

3. Unified synchronization criteria in an array of coupled neural networks with hybrid impulses
Author(s): Nan Wang, Xuechen Li, Jianquan Lu, Fuad E. Alsaadi
Pages: 25-32

4. Delay-dependent dynamical analysis of complex-valued memristive neural networks: Continuous-time and discrete-time cases
Author(s): Jinling Wang, Haijun Jiang, Tianlong Ma, Cheng Hu
Pages: 33-46

5. Salient object detection based on multi-scale contrast
Author(s): Hai Wang, Lei Dai, Yingfeng Cai, Xiaoqiang Sun, Long Chen
Pages: 47-56   
6. Manifold regularized matrix completion for multi-label learning with ADMM
Author(s): Bin Liu, Yingming Li, Zenglin Xu
Pages: 57-67

7. Effective neural network training with adaptive learning rate based on training loss
Author(s): Tomoumi Takase, Satoshi Oyama, Masahito Kurihara
Pages: 68-78

8. Robust Latent Regression with discriminative regularization by leveraging auxiliary knowledge
Author(s): Jianwen Tao, Di Zhou, Bin Zhu
Pages: 79-93

9. Distributed support vector machine in master–slave mode
Author(s): Qingguo Chen, Feilong Cao
Pages: 94-100

10. Designing a stable feedback control system for blind image deconvolution
Author(s): Shichao Cheng, Risheng Liu, Xin Fan, Zhongxuan Luo
Pages: 101-112

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, Vol. 10, No. 1, March 2018

1. Affordances in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Robotics: A Survey
Author(s): L. Jamone, E. Ugur, A. Cangelosi, L. Fadiga, A. Bernardino, J. Piater and J. Santos-Victor
Pages: 4-25

2. A Logic-Based Computational Framework for Inferring Cognitive Affordances
Author(s): V. Sarathy and M. Scheutz,
Pages: 26-43

3. Toward Lifelong Affordance Learning Using a Distributed Markov Model
Author(s): A. J. Glover and G. F. Wyeth
Pages: 44-55

4. Bootstrapping Relational Affordances of Object Pairs Using Transfer
Author(s): S. Fichtl, D. Kraft, N. Krüger and F. Guerin
Pages: 56-71

5. A Modular Dynamic Sensorimotor Model for Affordances Learning, Sequences Planning, and Tool-Use
Author(s): R. Braud, A. Pitti and P. Gaussier
Pages: 72-87

6. Artificial Life Environment Modeled by Dynamic Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
Author(s): L. V. R. Arruda, M. Mendonca, F. Neves, I. R. Chrun and E. I. Papageorgiou
Pages: 88-101

7. Bootstrapping Q-Learning for Robotics From Neuro-Evolution Results
Author(s): M. Zimmer and S. Doncieux
Pages: 102-119

Soft Computing, Volume 22, Issue 7, April 2018

1. Generalized rough set models determined by multiple neighborhoods generated from a similarity relation
Author(s): Jianhua Dai, Shuaichao Gao, Guojie Zheng
Pages: 2081-2094

2. A method for solving fuzzy matrix equations
Author(s): M. Amirfakhrian, M. Fallah, R. Rodríguez-López
Pages: 2095-2103

3. Global similarity preserving hashing
Author(s): Yang Liu, Lin Feng, Shenglan Liu, Muxin Sun
Pages: 2105-2120

4. Multiobjective maximum power tracking control of photovoltaic systems: T-S fuzzy model-based approach
Author(s): M. Allouche, K. Dahech, M. Chaabane
Pages: 2121-2132

5. Note on “symmetric triangular approximations of fuzzy numbers under a general condition and properties”
Author(s): Chi-Tsuen Yeh
Pages: 2133-2137

6. Adaptive racing ranking-based immune optimization approach solving multi-objective expected value programming
Author(s): Kai Yang, Zhuhong Zhang, Jiaxuan Lu
Pages: 2139-2158

7. Multi-objective thermal power load dispatch using chaotic differential evolutionary algorithm and Powell’s method
Author(s): Nirbhow Jap Singh, J. S. Dhillon, D. P. Kothari
Pages: 2159-2174

8. Detection of Web site visitors based on fuzzy rough sets
Author(s): Javad Hamidzadeh, Mahdieh Zabihimayvan, Reza Sadeghi
Pages: 2175-2188

9. Input value prediction of parameters in laser bending using Fuzzy and PSO
Author(s): M. R. Nejati, M. Hoseinpour Gollo, M. Tajdari, H. Ghaffarian
Pages: 2189-2203

10. A novel hybrid neural network based on phase space reconstruction technique for daily river flow prediction
Author(s): Hadi Delafrouz, Abbas Ghaheri, Mohammad Ali Ghorbani
Pages: 2205-2215

11. Modified Gbest-guided artificial bee colony algorithm with new probability model
Author(s): Laizhong Cui, Kai Zhang, Genghui Li, Xianghua Fu, Zhenkun Wen, Nan Lu
Pages: 2217-2243

12. Evolutionary trust scheme of certificate game in mobile cloud computing
Author(s): Dazhi Li, Minglu Li, Jianhua Liu
Pages: 2245-2255

13. Finger vein secure biometric template generation based on deep learning
Author(s): Yi Liu, Jie Ling, Zhusong Liu, Jian Shen, Chongzhi Gao
Pages: 2257-2265

14. Fuzzy matching and direct revocation: a new CP-ABE scheme from multilinear maps
Author(s): Hao Wang, Debiao He, Jian Shen, Zhihua Zheng, Xiaoyan Yang, Man Ho Au
Pages: 2267-2274

15. Defuzzification and application of trapezoidal type-2 fuzzy variables to green solid transportation problem
Author(s): Amrit Das, Uttam Kumar Bera, Manoranjan Maiti
Pages: 2275-2297

16. Applications of computational intelligence in vehicle traffic congestion problem: a survey
Author(s): Mohammad Reza Jabbarpour, Houman Zarrabi, Rashid Hafeez Khokhar
Pages: 2299-2320

17. Fuzzy extended filters on residuated lattices
Author(s): Ninghua Gao, Qingguo Li, Xiangnan Zhou
Pages: 2321-2328

18. Axiomatic approaches to rough approximation operators via ideal on a complete completely distributive lattice
Author(s): Ninghua Gao, Qingguo Li, Hongxia Han, Zhaowen Li
Pages: 2329-2339

19. Examining dynamic functional relationships in a pathological brain using evolutionary computation
Author(s): Arnab Roy
Pages: 2341-2368

20. A new image watermarking technique based on periodic plus smooth decomposition (PPSD)
Author(s): N. Aherrahrou, H. Tairi
Pages: 2369-2379

21. A novel evolutionary method of structure-diversified digital filter design and its experimental study
Author(s): Mingguo Liu, Lijia Chen, Jingsong He, Peiyu Zhang
Pages: 2381-2401

22. Convolutional neural networks-based intelligent recognition of Chinese license plates
Author(s): Yujie Liu, He Huang, Jinde Cao, Tingwen Huang
Pages: 2403-2419

23. Toward a soft computing-based correlation between oxygen toxicity seizures and hyperoxic hyperpnea
Author(s): Gianni D’Angelo, Raffaele Pilla, Jay B. Dean, Salvatore Rampone
Pages: 2421-2427

Soft Computing, Volume 22, Issue 6, March 2018

1. Variations of cohort intelligence
Author(s): N. S. Patankar, Anand J. Kulkarni
Pages: 1731-1747

2. Monadic bounded hoops
Author(s): Juntao Wang, Xiaolong Xin, Pengfei He
Pages: 1749-1762

3. Mathematical analysis of schema survival for genetic algorithms having dual mutation
Author(s): Apoorva Mishra, Anupam Shukla
Pages: 1763-1771

4. A representation of residuated lattices satisfying the double negation law
Author(s): Ivan Chajda
Pages: 1773-1776

5. Redefinition of the concept of fuzzy set based on vague partition from the perspective of axiomatization
Author(s): Xiaodong Pan, Yang Xu
Pages: 1777-1789

6. Investigation on evolutionary algorithms powered by nonrandom processes
Author(s): Ivan Zelinka, Jouni Lampinen, Roman Senkerik, Michal Pluhacek
Pages: 1791-1801

7. Elliott waves classification by means of neural and pseudo neural networks
Author(s): Eva Volná, Martin Kotyrba, Zuzana Komínková Oplatková, Roman Senkerik
Pages: 1803-1813

8. Hybrid rule-based motion planner for mobile robot in cluttered workspace
Author(s): Ahmad Abbadi, Radomil Matousek
Pages: 1815-1831

9. Morphogen diffusion algorithms for tracking and herding using a swarm of kilobots
Author(s): Hyondong Oh, Ataollah R. Shiraz, Yaochu Jin
Pages: 1833-1844

10. A personal knowledge management metamodel based on semantic analysis and social information
Author(s): J. F. López-Quintero, J. M. Cueva Lovelle, R. González Crespo
Pages: 1845-1854

11. SISR: System for integrating semantic relatedness and similarity measures
Author(s): Mohamed Ben Aouicha, Mohamed Ali Hadj Taieb, Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou
Pages: 1855-1879

12. A new classification method based on rough sets theory
Author(s): Rasim Cekik, Sedat Telceken
Pages: 1881-1889

13. An adaptive neuro-fuzzy interface system model for traffic classification and noise prediction
Author(s): A. Sharma, R. Vijay, G. L. Bodhe, L. G. Malik
Pages: 1891-1902

14. A novel fuzzy gaussian-based dissimilarity measure for discovering similarity temporal association patterns
Author(s): Vangipuram Radhakrishna, Shadi A. Aljawarneh, Puligadda Veereswara Kumar
Pages: 1903-1919

15. A novel cluster validity index for fuzzy C-means algorithm
Author(s): Shuling Yang, Kangshun Li, Zhengping Liang, Wei Li, Yu Xue
Pages: 1921-1931

16. Analyzing Saaty’s consistency test in pairwise comparison method: a perspective based on linguistic and numerical scale
Author(s): Hengjie Zhang, Xin Chen, Yucheng Dong, Weijun Xu, Shihua Wang
Pages: 1933-1943

17. Large-scale linear nonparallel SVMs
Author(s): Dalian Liu, Dewei Li, Yong Shi, Yingjie Tian
Pages: 1945-1957

18. Multi-objective cross-version defect prediction
Author(s): Swapnil Shukla, T. Radhakrishnan, K. Muthukumaran
Pages: 1959-1980

19. Spatial rich model steganalysis feature normalization on random feature-subsets
Author(s): Pengfei Wang, Zhihui Wei, Liang Xiao
Pages: 1981-1992

20. An evolutionary algorithm using spherical inversions
Author(s): Juan Pablo Serrano-Rubio, Arturo Hernández-Aguirre, Rafael Herrera-Guzmán
Pages: 1993-2014

21. Technical attributes ratings in fuzzy QFD by integrating interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets and Choquet integral
Author(s): Liying Yu, Linyu Wang, Yuhang Bao
Pages: 2015-2024

22. Optimization algorithms for the disjunctively constrained knapsack problem
Author(s): Mariem Ben Salem, Raouia Taktak, A. Ridha Mahjoub, Hanêne Ben-Abdallah
Pages: 2025-2043

23. Incremental cooperative coevolution for large-scale global optimization
Author(s): Sedigheh Mahdavi, Shahryar Rahnamayan, Mohammad Ebrahim Shiri
Pages: 2045-2064

24. Exploiting dynamic transaction queue size in scalable memory systems
Author(s): Mario Donato Marino, Tien-Hsiung Weng, Kuan-Ching Li
Pages: 2065-2077

25. Correction to: Redefinition of the concept of fuzzy set based on vague partition from the perspective of axiomatization
Author(s): Xiaodong Pan, Yang Xu
Pages: 2079

Friday, March 2, 2018

Complex and Intelligent Systems, Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2018

1. An innovative multi-segment strategy for the classification of legal judgments using the k-nearest neighbour classifier
Author(s): S. Pudaruth, K. M. S. Soyjaudah, R. P. Gunputh
Pages: 1-10

 2. An intelligent noninvasive model for coronary artery disease detection
Author(s): Luxmi Verma, Sangeet Srivastava, P. C. Negi
Pages: 11-18

 3. p-th moment exponential convergence analysis for stochastic networked systems driven by fractional Brownian motion
Author(s): Jiaxin Shi, Huaiqin Wu
Pages: 19-29

4. New binary bat algorithm for solving 0–1 knapsack problem
Author(s): Rizk M. Rizk-Allah, Aboul Ella Hassanien
Pages: 31-53

5. Automated composer recognition for multi-voice piano compositions using rhythmic features, n-grams and modified cortical algorithms
Author(s): Nadine Hajj, Maurice Filo, Mariette Awad
Pages: 55-65

6. Restricted Boltzmann machine and softmax regression for fault detection and classification
Author(s): Praveen Chopra, Sandeep Kumar Yadav
Pages: 67-77

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 29, Issue 3, March 2018

1. Robust C-Loss Kernel Classifiers
Author(s): Guibiao Xu; Bao-Gang Hu; Jose C. Principe
Pages: 510-522

2. Synchronization of General Chaotic Neural Networks With Nonuniform Sampling and Packet Missing: A Switched System Approach
Author(s): Renquan Lu; Peng Shi; Hongye Su; Zheng-Guang Wu; Jianquan Lu
Pages: 523-533

3. A One-Layer Recurrent Neural Network for Constrained Complex-Variable Convex Optimization
Author(s): Sitian Qin; Jiqiang Feng; Jiahui Song; Xingnan Wen; Chen Xu
Pages: 534-544

4. A Deep Convolutional Coupling Network for Change Detection Based on Heterogeneous Optical and Radar Images
Author(s): Jia Liu; Maoguo Gong; Kai Qin; Puzhao Zhang
Pages: 545-559

5. Nonlinear Process Fault Diagnosis Based on Serial Principal Component Analysis
Author(s): Xiaogang Deng; Xuemin Tian; Sheng Chen; Chris J. Harris
Pages: 560-572

6. Stabilization of Neural-Network-Based Control Systems via Event-Triggered Control With Nonperiodic Sampled Data
Author(s): Songlin Hu; Dong Yue; Xiangpeng Xie; Yong Ma; Xiuxia Yin
Pages: 573-585

7. Optimal Switching of DC–DC Power Converters Using Approximate Dynamic Programming
Author(s): Ali Heydari
Pages: 586-596

8. Global Asymptotic Stability and Stabilization of Neural Networks With General Noise
Author(s): Qihe Shan; Huaguang Zhang; Zhanshan Wang; Zhao Zhang
Pages: 597-607

9. Supervised Discrete Hashing With Relaxation
Author(s): Jie Gui; Tongliang Liu; Zhenan Sun; Dacheng Tao; Tieniu Tan
Pages: 608-617

10. Dissipativity Analysis for Stochastic Memristive Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays: A Discrete-Time Case
Author(s): Sanbo Ding; Zhanshan Wang; Huaguang Zhang
Pages: 618-630

11. Adaptive Reliable H_infty Static Output Feedback Control Against Markovian Jumping Sensor Failures
Author(s): Ding Zhai; Liwei An; Dan Ye; Qingling Zhang
Pages: 631-644

12. Self-Taught Low-Rank Coding for Visual Learning
Author(s): Sheng Li; Kang Li; Yun Fu
Pages: 645-656

13. Multiview Boosting With Information Propagation for Classification
Author(s): Jing Peng; Alex J. Aved; Guna Seetharaman; Kannappan Palaniappan
Pages: 657-669

14. Probabilistic Low-Rank Multitask Learning
Author(s): Yu Kong; Ming Shao; Kang Li; Yun Fu
Pages: 670-680

15. Experienced Gray Wolf Optimization Through Reinforcement Learning and Neural Networks
Author(s): E. Emary; Hossam M. Zawbaa; Crina Grosan
Pages: 681-694

16. Cooperative Adaptive Output Regulation for Second-Order Nonlinear Multiagent Systems With Jointly Connected Switching Networks
Author(s): Wei Liu; Jie Huang
Pages: 695-705

17. Determination of the Edge of Criticality in Echo State Networks Through Fisher Information Maximization
Author(s): Lorenzo Livi; Filippo Maria Bianchi; Cesare Alippi
Pages: 706-717

18. Identifying Objective and Subjective Words via Topic Modeling
Author(s): Hanqi Wang; Fei Wu; Weiming Lu; Yi Yang; Xi Li; Xuelong Li; Yueting Zhuang
Pages: 718-730

19. Insights Into the Robustness of Minimum Error Entropy Estimation
Author(s): Badong Chen; Lei Xing; Bin Xu; Haiquan Zhao; José C. Príncipe
Pages: 731-737

20. Robust DLPP With Nongreedy L1-Norm Minimization and Maximization
Author(s): Qianqian Wang; Quanxue Gao; Deyan Xie; Xinbo Gao; Yong Wang
Pages: 738-743

21. Stability of Rotor Hopfield Neural Networks With Synchronous Mode
Author(s): Masaki Kobayashi
Pages: 744-748

22. Terminal Sliding Mode-Based Consensus Tracking Control for Networked Uncertain Mechanical Systems on Digraphs
Author(s): Gang Chen; Yongduan Song; Yanfeng Guan
Pages: 749-756

23. Kernel-Based Multilayer Extreme Learning Machines for Representation Learning
Author(s): Chi Man Wong; Chi Man Vong; Pak Kin Wong; Jiuwen Cao
Pages: 757-762

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Neural Networks, Volume 99, Pages 1-178, March 2018

1. Multistability and multiperiodicity in impulsive hybrid quaternion-valued neural networks with mixed delays
Author(s): Călin-Adrian Popa, Eva Kaslik
Pages: 1-18

2. Self-learning robust optimal control for continuous-time nonlinear systems with mismatched disturbances
Author(s): Xiong Yang, Haibo He
Pages: 19-30

3. Smoothing inertial projection neural network for minimization L_p-q in sparse signal reconstruction
Author(s): You Zhao, Xing He, Tingwen Huang, Junjian Huang
Pages: 31-41

4. Computational study of depth completion consistent with human bi-stable perception for ambiguous figures
Author(s): Eiichi Mitsukura, Shunji Satoh
Pages: 42-55

5. STDP-based spiking deep convolutional neural networks for object recognition
Author(s): Saeed Reza Kheradpisheh, Mohammad Ganjtabesh, Simon J. Thorpe, Timothée Masquelier
Pages: 56-67

6. A new approach to detect the coding rule of the cortical spiking model in the information transmission
Author(s): Soheila Nazari, Karim Faez, Mahyar Janahmadi
Pages: 68-78

7. H_alpha state estimation of stochastic memristor-based neural networks with time-varying delays
Author(s): Haibo Bao, Jinde Cao, Jürgen Kurths, Ahmed Alsaedi, Bashir Ahmad
Pages: 79-91

8. An optimal control strategy for hybrid actuator systems: Application to an artificial muscle with electric motor assist
Author(s): Koji Ishihara, Jun Morimoto
Pages: 92-100

9. Multiple types of synchronization analysis for discontinuous Cohen–Grossberg neural networks with time-varying delays
Author(s):  Jiarong Li, Haijun Jiang, Cheng Hu, Zhiyong Yu
Pages: 101-113

10. A border-ownership model based on computational electromagnetism
Author(s): Zaem Arif Zainal, Shunji Satoh
Pages: 114-122

11. Decentralized adaptive neural control for high-order interconnected stochastic nonlinear time-delay systems with unknown system dynamics
Author(s): Wenjie Si, Xunde Dong, Feifei Yang
Pages: 123-133

12. Unsupervised heart-rate estimation in wearables with Liquid states and a probabilistic readout
Author(s): Anup Das, Paruthi Pradhapan, Willemijn Groenendaal, Prathyusha Adiraju, ... Chris Van Hoof
Pages: 134-147

13. A novel type of activation function in artificial neural networks: Trained activation function
Author(s): Ömer Faruk Ertuğrul
Pages: 148-157

14. Deep neural network for traffic sign recognition systems: An analysis of spatial transformers and stochastic optimisation methods
Author(s): Álvaro Arcos-García, Juan A. Álvarez-García, Luis M. Soria-Morillo
Pages: 158-165

15. Design of nonlinear optimal control for chaotic synchronization of coupled stochastic neural networks via Hamilton–Jacobi–Bellman equation
Author(s): Ziqian Liu
Pages: 166-177

Friday, February 16, 2018

Neural Networks, Volume 98, 1-336, February 2018

1. Active learning for classifying data streams with unknown number of classes   
Author(s): Saad Mohamad, Moamar Sayed-Mouchaweh, Abdelhamid Bouchachia
Pages: 1-15

2. Adaptive neuro-heuristic hybrid model for fruit peel defects detection   
Author(s): Marcin Woźniak, Dawid Połap
Pages: 16-33

3. Matrix completion by deep matrix factorization   
Author(s): Jicong Fan, Jieyu Cheng
Pages: 34-41

4. Intrinsic sodium currents and excitatory synaptic transmission influence spontaneous firing in up and down activities   
Author(s): Yihong Wang, Xuying Xu, Rubin Wang
Pages: 42-50

5. Region stability analysis and tracking control of memristive recurrent neural network   
Author(s): Gang Bao, Zhigang Zeng, Yanjun Shen
Pages: 51-58

6. Reduced-order state estimation of delayed recurrent neural networks  
Author(s): He Huang, Tingwen Huang, Xiaoping Chen
Pages: 59-64

7. Global Uniform Asymptotic Fixed Deviation Stability and Stability for Delayed Fractional-order Memristive Neural Networks with Generic Memductance   
Author(s): Jiejie Chen, Boshan Chen, Zhigang Zeng
Pages: 65-75

8. Kernel Bayesian ART and ARTMAP   
Author(s): Naoki Masuyama, Chu Kiong Loo, Farhan Dawood
Pages: 76-86

9. Support vector machine with Dirichlet feature mapping   
Author(s): Ali Nedaie, Amir Abbas Najafi
Pages: 87-101

10. Nonlinear recurrent neural networks for finite-time solution of general time-varying linear matrix equations   
Author(s): Lin Xiao, Bolin Liao, Shuai Li, Ke Chen
Pages: 102-113

11. A regularization path algorithm for support vector ordinal regression   
Author(s): Bin Gu
Pages: 114-121

12. Global exponential stability and lag synchronization for delayed memristive fuzzy Cohen–Grossberg BAM neural networks with impulses   
Author(s): Wengui Yang, Wenwu Yu, Jinde Cao, Fuad E. Alsaadi, Tasawar Hayat
Pages: 122-153

13. Towards understanding sparse filtering: A theoretical perspective   
Author(s): Fabio Massimo Zennaro, Ke Chen
Pages: 154-177

14. A new randomized Kaczmarz based kernel canonical correlation analysis algorithm with applications to information retrieval   
Author(s): Jia Cai, Yi Tang
Pages: 178-191

15. pth moment exponential stability of stochastic memristor-based bidirectional associative memory (BAM) neural networks with time delays   
Author(s): Fen Wang, Yuanlong Chen, Meichun Liu
Pages: 192-202

16. Fixed-time stabilization of impulsive Cohen–Grossberg BAM neural networks   
Author(s): Hongfei Li, Chuandong Li, Tingwen Huang, Wanli Zhang
Pages: 203-211

17. Manifold optimization-based analysis dictionary learning with an image-norm regularizer   
Author(s): Zhenni Li, Shuxue Ding, Yujie Li, Zuyuan Yang, Shengli Xie, Wuhui Chen
Pages: 212-222

18. Impact of leakage delay on bifurcation in high-order fractional BAM neural networks   
Author(s): Chengdai Huang, Jinde Cao
Pages: 223-235

19. OnARTMAP: A Fuzzy ARTMAP-based Architecture   
Author(s): Alan L.S. Matias, Ajalmar R. Rocha Neto
Pages: 236-250

20. Standard representation and unified stability analysis for dynamic artificial neural network models   
Author(s): Kwang-Ki K. Kim, Ernesto Ríos Patrón, Richard D. Braatz
Pages: 251-262

21. Necessary and sufficient conditions of proper estimators based on self density ratio for unnormalized statistical models   
Author(s): Kazuyuki Hiraoka, Toshihiko Hamada, Gen Hori
Pages: 263-270

22. Modeling spike-wave discharges by a complex network of neuronal oscillators   
Author(s): Tatiana M. Medvedeva, Marina V. Sysoeva, Gilles van Luijtelaar, Ilya V. Sysoev
Pages: 271-282

23. Nonlinear predictive control for adaptive adjustments of deep brain stimulation parameters in basal ganglia–thalamic network   
Author(s): Fei Su, Jiang Wang, Shuangxia Niu, Huiyan Li, Bin Deng, Chen Liu, Xile Wei
Pages: 283-295

24. On the approximation by single hidden layer feedforward neural networks with fixed weights   
Author(s): Namig J. Guliyev, Vugar E. Ismailov
Pages: 296-304

25. A deep learning framework for causal shape transformation   
Author(s): Kin Gwn Lore, Daniel Stoecklein, Michael Davies, Baskar Ganapathysubramanian, Soumik Sarkar
Pages: 305-317

26. A loop-based neural architecture for structured behavior encoding and decoding   
Author(s): Thomas Gisiger, Mounir Boukadoum
Pages: 318-336

Evolving Systems, Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2018

1. Discussion and review on evolving data streams and concept drift adapting
Author(s): Imen Khamassi, Moamar Sayed-Mouchaweh, Moez Hammami & Khaled Ghédira
Pages: 1-23

2. An artificial immune system for offline isolated handwritten arabic character recognition
Author(s): Chaouki Boufenar, Mohamed Batouche & Marc Schoenauer
Pages: 25-411

3. A fuzzy approach towards inductive transfer and human–machine interface control design
Author(s): Rui Azevedo Antunes, Luís Brito Palma, Fernando Vieira Coito & Hermínio Duarteramos
Pages: 43-56

4. A dedicated state space for power system modeling and frequency and unbalance estimation
Author(s): Anh Tuan Phan, Patrice Wira & Gilles Hermann
Pages: 57-69

5. Feature point matching based on ABC-NCC algorithm
Author(s): Anan Banharnsakun
Pages: 71-80

6. Screening of the alterations in qualitative characteristics of grape under the impacts of storage and harvest times using artificial neural network
Author(s):Vahid Farzaneh, Alireza Ghodsvali, Hamid Bakhshabadi, Zahra Dolatabadi, Farahnaz Farzaneh, Isabel S. Carvalho & Khashayar Sarabandi
Pages: 81-89

7. Correction to: Predictive intelligence to the edge: impact on edge analytics
Author(s): Natascha Harth, Christos Anagnostopoulos & Dimitrios Pezaros
Pages: 91